Samurai Sake 16 %

Samurai Sake 16 %

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 Samurai Sake, produced by Godo Sushei, is a Junmai Genshu sake.
Junmai means that this Sake is a “pure rice” sake with no alcohol added, and Genshu means that the Sake is not diluted with water. Those particularities will bring rich and expressive sake, a sake that’s easy to drink.

Ingredients : Rice, Rice koji
Rice Polish Rate: 60%
Rice Variety : Sake rice from Hokkaido (Ginpu)

300 ml / 720 ml


COLOUR : Clear and transparent
NOSE : Complex fruity aroma with notes of licorice, vanilla, and fresh almonds
PALATE : Well balanced with strong attack but rounded mild body
FINISH : Long with a rich aroma

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